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  • Preparing for Mowing Season

    Posted in Blog on 5/9/2022
    The snowstorms and long bouts of rainfall have paused the arrival of summer, but the long-awaited mowing season will be here soon.

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  • John Deere Tech Program

    John Deere Tech Program

    Posted in Blog on 4/7/2022
    The NDSCS John Deere Tech program prepares you for a career in the high-tech, fast-paced world of a John Deere Service Technician. Students learn through classroom, hands-on lab work and John Deere dealership internships—tremendous opportunities to learn in the real world.

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  • Caring For Livestock

    Caring For Livestock

    Posted in Blog on 1/3/2022
    From transporting to storing to feeding hay, operators need to "pick ‘em up" and "put ‘em down" frequently. And even though it isn't a hard thing to do, we've moved enough bales in our time to know it's worth reviewing how to do it the right way.

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  • Blade, Blower, or Bucket. The multiple ways to remove snow.

    Blade, Blower, or Bucket. The multiple ways to remove snow.

    Posted in Blog on 11/1/2021
    Not everybody has a snow blower on hand when a big snow falls. We'll discuss how to remove snow using your tractor and multiple different implements – a front blade, a rear blade, snow blower, and a materials bucket. We'll also talk about how a broadcast spreader can be the fast answer to fighting ice around your property.

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