Q&A TECH TALK - Farm Safety

posted on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 in Blog


September is the busiest and the most dangerous month of the year for farmers. Harvest is in full swing, large equipment is moved from field to field, and semis haul loads after loads of grain back and forth from the field to the grain bins. Accidents are likely to occur if one doesn’t pay attention to the potential dangers surrounding them at any given time. Heavy rain forecasts and the occasional setbacks like equipment breakdowns will add to the inherent stresses of farming. As we work hard to get crops off the field, we must take the time we need to ensure everyone gets back home safely to their families at the end of the day.
Unfortunately, because of the countless dangers surrounding harvest, September is when serious farm accidents happen the most. That’s why National Safety Council declared the third week of September National Farm Safety Week. 

Safely Home

In this Q and A Tech Talk blog, we interview True North Equipment’s Safety Manager Keith Urbaniak about the steps we take to keep our customers and employees safe year round but more specifically during the harvest season.

Q: How often is safety training available?

Keith Urbaniak: Our sales/parts/service techs are invited to monthly safety meetings at their respective locations.  Weather permitting, we travel and hold the meetings in person – we try to start all meetings shortly after the employees report to work (example 7:45 am).

Q: What Type of Farm Safety training do True North Employees go through?

Keith Urbaniak: In the last several months we’ve covered these topics:

First Aid Topics
1. Acting in an Emergency
2. Checking the victim
3. Recovery position
4. Bleeding and wound care
5. Shock
6. Bone, Joint, & Muscle Injuries
7. Spine safety

8. Concussion and Head injury
9. Burns
10. Allergic Reactions – Anaphylactic
11. Using an Auto Injector
12. Diabetic Emergency
13. Choking
14. Stroke
15. Heart Attack

What safety tips would you give our Ag customers?

Keith Urbaniak's Top Safety Tips for Ag Customers:
1. Know where others are when starting, engaging, and moving equipment.
2. Make sure your equipment controls are all working – lights and flashers working – have your equipment under control on public roads.
3. All Safety Shields are on your equipment and in working order.
4. If muddy, take time to clean your headlights and stop/brake lights.
5. Realize the weight of what you are driving and how that affects your stopping distance – whether it be in the field or on public roads.
6. If picking up a person, stop your equipment a distance from the person, let them walk up to the equipment.
7. Reframe from moving equipment at night – if necessary, have vehicles escorting with flashing lights in front and back.
8. Transport your combine headers on header trailers, especially as night falls.

Q: Keith, Is there anything else you’d like to add in regards to the safety of our customers and employees during this busy farming season?

Keith Urbaniak: In this busy season, be focused and aware of your surroundings – slow down, take a moment and think things thru – take the safe approach.  Take time to get needed rest stops – stay alert.

Our customers and employees are our biggest asset – keep them safe.

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