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True North Equipment is committed to the development, growth, and support of the communities in which we live and operate. As a locally owned company, we understand the value of supporting local organizations that make communities a great place for our customers and employees to live, work and play. We truly value the work of the communities, organizations, and volunteers located in the northern Red River valley.

Each year, there are hundreds of events and fundraisers for groups and organizations across our area of operation. We are proud to support as many of these events as we are able. Events and fundraisers that best align with our mission and values are given top consideration. 

Online applications for donations or sponsorships must be submitted three weeks before your event. We will review the request and contact you within 2-3 weeks if your request has been approved. Although we would like to support all requests, we will be limited to our company values and annual budget. 

Thank you for serving the communities of the northern Red River Valley.

For questions, please contact Whitney Landman via email, at

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Request for Donation