Words of Advice from JD Diesel Tech Program alumni

posted on Monday, August 28, 2023 in Blog

Words of AdviceOn August 16th, the team at True North Equipment in the Grand Forks North Dakota retail store gathered for a send-off celebration for JD Diesel Tech Interns Micah Riter and Kelly Middleton. Co-workers, Managers, and CEOs attended, congratulations were given, jokes were cracked, cake was served, and advice was shared. Colleagues who were once in their shoes as interns helped prepare them for the academic part of becoming diesel technicians. Before cake the group went through the do’s and don’ts, set expectations, and shared advice with Micah and Kelly. We wiped out the pen and paper and wrote down all the good words of wisdom. Here is what they had to say about their experience in the John Deere Tech Program at the North Dakota State College of Science.

True North Equipment Intern PartyTodd Swartz - Turf Sales Professional: 

If you do not have a full schedule, take another class. I took an autobody class, and we rebuilt a 1966 Chevy Impala. I took marketing classes as well.

John Oncken- Chief Executive Officer:

Anytime you can get yourself in front of a communications class or anything around studying personalities is very beneficial as you think of who you work with in your career, may marry someday, or anything else.

Rachel Kmecik - VP of Aftermarket/HR

They have started teaching CDL classes. They do not physically teach you how to drive a truck. They teach the basics and provide the experience to become a truck driver. They prepare you for the Class A Driver License Exam. 

Some Students have jobs at Ace, Napa, Walmart, Subway, etc.

Matthew Barwin - Diesel Technician: 

Don’t skip class

John Oncken

I’ll say this on behalf of the company about the values we hold, and when you are there, you are also an employee of True North.
We certainly appreciate you taking the lead on things and making the right decisions during the day and during the evening. I always say if someone in your group might be struggling a little bit, offer your help when you can and be that helping hand.

Do not forget to have fun, but dig deep into it. It is a lot of fun.

Kyle Britton - Shop Foreman

If you can test out of class, like math test out right away. It’s easier to test out instead of worrying and stressing out the last minute. If a project is due in two weeks, do it right away. You’ll avoid a lot of stress that way.

Devin Morgan - Diesel Technician and 2022 True North Intern

My three solid pieces of advice to help their time at Wahpeton (NDSCS). 
1. Show up for class every day. Even if you feel terrible, push through it. There are no excuses for not showing up to class for college unless it’s necessary. They are very strict on that and don’t take that lightly. 
2. Get your homework done as soon as it’s assigned. If you get homework at four p.m. and class gets out at five, go back to your dorm or wherever and get it done. You get a pretty good amount of homework throughout college. Get it done so it does not sit and pile up. Also, the people in the dorms around you are generally in your class. Get together with a couple of buddies so it goes faster and isn’t as stressful. 
3. The last piece of advice is to get out as much as you can. Don’t be a bum and sit in your room after class. ¾ of the fun in college is going out and doing stuff you couldn’t do back home. You feel free as it’s going to get. You don’t have to worry about anything besides class and having fun. But not too much fun ;).

True North Equipment interns

Micah and Kelly, We wish you all the luck and have fun during your JD Tech Program experience.

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