Preparing for Mowing Season

posted on Monday, May 9, 2022 in Blog

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The snowstorms and long bouts of rainfall have paused the arrival of summer, but the long-awaited mowing season will be here soon. You may have anxiously started preparing for it in anticipation of the smell of fresh-cut grass and that distinct sound only your lawnmower makes. You’ve done the seasonal shuffle like it was a game of Tetris, moving lawn equipment to the front of the garage and tightly tucking the winter equipment in the back corner. You’ve traded the snow boots sitting amongst the other shoes in the mudroom for the white grass-stained tennis shoes. Now, You take a step back to admire your lawn equipment and think, “Maybe I need a new lawnmower.” 

True North Equipment currently has a good selection to choose from but with backorders and nationwide shortages, the lawn equipment selection everywher is limited. From finding the best time to buy, and backorders to a handful in inventory, financing, and lawn mower parts, we “mow” it all down and talk “lawnmowers” in this Q&A session with True North Equipment’s salesman Tanner Knudson. 

Can you tell me what a customer can expect when shopping for a lawnmower at TNE?

When a customer walks in at True North Equipment they can expect to be greeted by one of the employees in sales or parts. They will be asked what they are looking for, the size of property or operation, and if they have any idea what their specific needs are. From there we will assist them through to the end of the transaction.

Grand Forks Lot

Do we have plenty of lawn equipment on hand? Is there a backorder, or is there a shortage?

Knudson:  We have a handful of mowers and Compact Utility Tractors remaining in inventory. There is a large backorder on almost everything Residential Lawn Equipment in the country. If there’s something you want and you ordered today, we would hopefully see it between August and October this year.  

When is the best time to buy or order a lawnmower?

Knudson: ANYTIME – spring usually has the best finance options through John Deere Financing, though.

What is the best way to purchase a mower? Online order, in-person, or over the phone?

Knudson: Depending on the person, if they need assistance with options or models, they are better off coming into the store and asking for assistance from a salesperson. If they are comfortable that Deere’s site has answered all their questions, then they can utilize the “buy online” tool Deere provides. 

What month is the most popular time to buy a lawnmower?

Knudson: April – May and then October-November (snow blowers)

What month is the most popular time to buy lawn mower parts?

Knudson: Year-round, but April and May bring foot traffic into the store while people are making sure their units are ready for summer. 

Is there anything you’d like to include on this topic?

Knudson: With the whole world in a shortage for everything, we ask that customers are patient with us and understand that inventory is limited. We encourage customers to come in and plan with us for their future needs. If you think you’ll need something now or in 8 months, we better place orders now to ensure it shows up sooner than later. If we are unable to supply the customer with a new product, I highly recommend that they visit with our service department to make sure their current machine is ready for another season of use while we wait for their new machine. We are here to support the customers in every way we can!


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