Welcomed Updates on Generation 4 Displays

posted on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 in Blog

Often, we are asked if it is possible to create a A+B line using the boundary of the field, our answer previously was no, but now, with the release of 17-2 Software Update for Generation 4 Displays, we can give people the answer they wanted to hear!

Boundary Fill Pattern

As part of SU2017-2, guidance tracks can now be created from field boundaries. These guidance tracks use the logic of adaptive curve tracks and are generated from boundaries created from coverage or imported boundaries. Once created, 3 lines will be viewed: the active guidance line and the guidance lines to the right and left of the active line. When moving inward, an additional lines will be created. If boundary track is selected as current track it will remain on the display as an adaptive curve. If not, it will be deleted with the boundary it was generated from.

Straight Track Fill from Boundary

An A+B Straight track can easily be created when AutoTrac™ is used with boundary fill pattern. When ‘Record Fill’ is used on a Boundary Fill track, A+B straight tracks are created to fill the inside of the boundary and tracks created from the boundary. Tracks must be selected from track list once generated.

A couple other items that are included this Software update are

iTEC™ Recommendations (AutoLearn)

When AutoLearn is toggled on, the iTEC™ system will learn every action that the operator takes. When the same patterns of actions are found, AutoLearn creates a new sequence with these actions and recommends that it be assigned to an iTEC™ button for use.

Wireless Settings App

This app allows your machine to connect to a wireless network. When connected to a wireless internet connection, it can be used with DataSync to send files to John Deere Operations Center. This app can also be used for online software updates. Basically you can use the hotspot function on your smart phone to send files to John Deere Operations center

To view the software update and release notes, visit: https://www.deere.com/en/stellarsupport/software-updates/

If you have any questions or would like an IS Consultant to install this update, contact Cedric at ccitrowske@truenorthequipment.com or (701) 330-4395.