We Demo'd The 2680H And It Proved Why It's The Best Addition To Deere's Tillage Lineup

posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 in Blog

Last week, we joined Amy Brateng and the crew at South 89 Seed for a field day and tillage demo! The crew was nice enough to let us show off the new John Deere 2680H in rye stubble, and wow, did it stand out. As one attendee stated, "this is what everyone is here to see."

Tell Me About It

The team at John Deere says it best; "When your field prep needs call for more aggressive soil mixing, residue sizing and burying -FAST- the John Deere 2680H High-Performance Disk is your solution. You can cover more acres per day at 10-14 mph without compromising the level field finish you expect from John Deere. Covering more acres in a day can also reduce the hours put on your tractor and labor costs, improving your bottom line. With working depths of 2-6 inches, this tool works well in small grains, lentils and dry corn residue."

Matt Breaks It Down

Thief River Falls Ag + Turf Salesman, Matt Kolstoe, one of our many tillage experts, broke down exactly why the John Deere 2680H stands out among its competitors.

  1. The piece is equipped with simple, user-friendly depth setting features that utilizes a shim system. Simply remove the pin, raise or lower the number of shims needed to reach the desired depth, and replace the pin.
  2. Mix and size residue for better breakdown. Aggressive horizontal soil movement comes from the 17-degree front and 14-degree rear blade angles.
  3. Low maintenance greaseless bushings and bearings bring your daily maintenance time down to record low levels.
  4. Whether you prefer the standard cage roller or optional spring-tine roller or rubber roller, the 2680H can provide you with options to meet your needs.
  5. This piece offers the widest range of implement sizes in its category, from an 8-foot mounted model all the way up to a 45-foot three-section machine and everything in-between!
  6. And, as always, this comes with the support of John Deere quality parts and True North Equipment's specially trained technicians to make sure you're always up-and-running.

Lets See It In Action

Interested in learning more? Contact your local salesman for options and more information!

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