Sean Marshall - Bulk Oil & Aftermarket Sales Professional, Impact Center, Grand Forks, N.D.

posted on Thursday, July 11, 2024 in Blog


Welcome to the team, Sean Marshall! Sean is the Bulk Oil Driver and Aftermarket Sales Professional based out of the IMPACT Center in Grand Forks. Before joining True North, Sean was a snowplow driver and equipment operator for the NDDOT. He is from the Emerado, ND area and lives on the same farm he grew up on.

A Quick Q&A with Sean:

What excites you about your new job at True North? "The challenge of a new career is exciting in itself; however, moving into a new field adds new challenges. I'm excited to learn new things."

Favorite snack: Peanut M&Ms

Favorite food: Spicy Mexican Food

Favorite thing(s) to do: Travel

What kind of music do you play in your car? Country, Rock, Blues

What’s something on your bucket list? Go to Japan

What's your favorite most memorable adventure? Having a son

If you could have lunch with ANYONE (dead or alive, famous or personal) who would it be? John Wayne