Reuben Coetzer - Diesel Tech. Kennedy, M.N.

posted on Friday, September 22, 2023 in Blog

ReubenCoetzerReuben Coetzer is a Diesel Technician at True North Equipment in Kennedy, Minnesota. Reuben, a father of three boys, is from Mafiekeng, South Africa, and has years of experience as a diesel mechanic and an equipment operator. Reuben is excited to learn more about farm equipment and work with a successful team.

A small Q&A with Reuben Coetzer

Favorite Snack: Grapes

Favorite Food: Tomato gravy

Favorite things to do: Work and family time

Favorite Music: Nas, and Damian Marley

What is something on your bucket list? deep sea fishing

Most memorable adventure was: fishing and hunting deer.

If you could have lunch with ANYONE (Dead or alive, famous or personal), who would it be? Drew Barrymore

Welcome to the team Rueben. We're excited to have you on the team.