New Tools Added to MyJohnDeere Operations Center

posted on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 in Blog

Last week, John Deere released an update for MyJohnDeere Operations Center. For those who are not familiar with what the Operations Center is, more information can be found here, or you can contact one of our Integrated Solutions Consultants.

For those who are currently using the Operations Center, you'll find some welcome advancements with the addition of new tools and features such as the ability to create guidance lines, manage and filter fields, change terminal settings, and oversee your products with greater ease. 

Harvest Post-Calibration

Allows users to post-calibrate by machine when multiple harvesters are in the same field.

Machine Calibration

Land Manager

Replaces Guidance Management and allows users to create and edit straight guidance tracks, and view, rename and delete all boundaries and guidance tracks in one tool. Also, you can export this list to .CSV if needed.

Track Management Capabilities

Product Manager

Products include chemicals (including fertilizers) and varieties. Active products in Product Manager populate in the product list in 'Setup Builder' and 'Jobs'. Products help ensure accurate documentation in the field and for records when they are sent to the display in a setup file. Products are populated in the list by manually adding each one. Products that are part of incoming field documentation do not currently populate the products list.

Note: Setup data, including Apex backups, does not import products into the Operations Center to maintain a clean master list in Product Manager.

Product Manager


Improvements made to the search functionality within the terminals tool which includes filters. Dealers can now retrieve, transfer, and delete terminals within the John Deere Operations Center.

View the release notes here: