Justin Huebner - Turf Technician - Grand Forks

posted on Friday, February 10, 2023 in Blog

Justin Huebner

Justin Huebner, a born and raised Grand Forks resident, joins our Turf Technician team in the True North Equipment retail store. Excited to get back to working on tractors, He comes to us as a former farm hand in Petersburg, N.D., and an HVAC installer.

A small Q & A with Justin Huebner

Favorite Snack: Beef Jerky
Favorite Food: Steak and Potatoes
Favorite things to do: Hunting
Favorite Music: Anything and everything
What is something on your bucket list? hunting trip in a different country
His most memorable adventure: Kayaking on the Yellowstone River
The person he wishes to have lunch with (dead or alive): My Grandpa

Please help us welcome Justin Huebner to the True North Equipment to our team.

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