Customer Training -- Class Descriptions

posted on Tuesday, July 5, 2016 in Blog

We're proud to be the area's leader in providing training on John Deere products. Each summer and winter, we offer customers hands-on training taught by the guys who know it best. We put this handy guide together to show you a little more about what you'll learn if you enroll in a class this summer. 

NEW, Summer 2017 -- Gen 4 Family Optimization

The Gen 4 family is expanding! John Deere recently released the new 4640 Universal Display, and they're coming to a cab near you! This class will give you a head start on the many different options these displays have to offer. During the course, we will cover best practices for setup, run pages, customization settings, wireless data transfer and how to capture data correctly. 

Combine Optimization

Whether a new operator or just looking for a refresher, this course gets you ready for fall harvest! We will cover 70-series and S-series combines. Topics will include monitor setup, machine settings, maintenence/wear points and yield/moisture calibrations. There will also be a John Deere combine simulator. 

APEX/MyJohnDeere Basics

This class will cover a wide range of APEX topics. Basic courses will cover unloading data and creating setup files. More advanced classes will cover topics such as creating prescriptions and drainage ditches. We'll work to fit you into a class that will most represent your current knowledge level.

Basic AMS Optimization

This class covers basic display, receiver and documentation setup. The classroom will have live 2630 displays and 3000 and the new 6000 receivers to utilize. Every setup screen of the 2630, 3000 and 6000 will be covered in detail.

Surface Water Pro Basics

This class covers the basic setup and operation of surface water pro. Topics will be covered in APEX and on-screen with 2630 displays in the classroom.

Don't forget: if you purchased new model 16 ag equipment or signed up for an off-season inspection, you're eligible for complimentary seat in any class!

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