Christie Keup - Customer Service Advisor - Thief River Falls, Minnesota

posted on Tuesday, August 29, 2023 in Blog

Christie Keup

Christie Keup is the new Customer Service Advisor in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Christie's eight-year-long experience gained her a wide range of knowledge in customer service. She worked in the service department at an auto dealer and in retail, forestry, and manufacturing. She's been a lifelong resident of Minnesota, currently living in St. Micheal, Minnesota, with her husband of six years and three dogs and four cats. We asked, "What excites you about your job at True North Equipment" and she replied "I love the idea of community and integrating with the culture. Helping our hard-working farmers to continue to provide for the people in the area."

A small Q&A with Christie Keup

Favorite Snack: Chips and Dip, Top Tater & Potato Chips

Favorite Food: Sushi or anything Italian

Favorite things to do: Off roading, fishing, video games, and throwing house parties

Favorite Music: Anything and everything.

What is something on your bucket list? Visit Iceland, take a cruise, drive a Lamborghini.

Most memorable adventure was: Going to and walking across the longest suspension bridge in Canada.

If you could have lunch with ANYONE (Dead or alive, famous or personal), who would it be? On last lunch with my grandfather, he was my hero and provided a lot of wisdom.

Please help us welcome Christie Keup to the team and stop in to say hi during your visit to the Thief River Falls location.

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