New W150 Windrower (150 HP)

Windrower Traction Units
W150 Windrower (150 HP)

Designed to meet the demands and productivity needs of hay, forage, and small grain growers, the W150 is compatible with the 400D Draper Platforms as well as 100A Auger Platforms. 

Key Features
  • Tier 3-compliant John Deere Cummins 4.5L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine delivers 150 hp (110 kW) at rated power to match draper and auger cutting conditions
  • Four-point independent suspension delivers a smoother, more comfortable ride. The W150 has four coil spring shock absorbers working in conjunction with fore-aft and side-to-side stabilizers to minimize “cab roll.”
  • Hydraulic drive pumps offer increased ground torque for managing steep terrains
  • Halogen lighting provides excellent visibility in nighttime or dusty conditions