Zach Accepts IT Manager Position

posted on Friday, October 14, 2022 in Blog

Zach Olson It Manager


We are excited to announce to everyone that Zach Olson has accepted the IT Manager position with True North Equipment. Zach started with TNE in our IT Department in 2019 as our IT Technician, and we are happy to see him move into his new role with us! Please help me congratulate Zach in his new adventure!

“Zach brings a tremendous amount of knowledge, a humble style and servant leader style that will offer our True North team great value and support. We are blessed to have him rise to this new role and we wish Zach great success." says John Oncken, CEO of True North Equipment

Zach worked in the cell phone industry for 14 years before True North Equipment. He started as IT Technician at True North a little over three years ago before becoming the IT Manager. 
He grew up in Karlstad, MN, but has been living in Grand Forks for eighteen years. I am married to my wife Laura, and we have two dogs (pugs) and one cat. 
We asks Zack what he is most excited for in his promotion and he replied, "to contribute to the growth of True North Equipment. The opportunity to gain more first-hand knowledge; and to continue the service I have provided to each of you over the past three years."

We couldn't agree more Zach! We're excited you stepped up to the promotion and to see you grow within the cimpany. Thank You!