3 Reasons To Purchase A John Deere Protect™ Extended Service Plan

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posted on Friday, March 11, 2022 in Blog

Get more out of your John Deere equipment. Keep the machinery you depend on working hard from one job to the next with a John Deere Protect™ extended service plan (available when purchased in conjunction with a PowerGard™ Limited or Comprehensive Protection Plan).1 Take a look below to learn three reasons why you don’t want to pass up purchasing one of these plans available for select combines, tractors and front-end equipment.

1.) Inspections and maintenance throughout the year

Thanks to each protection plan providing three annual end-of-season expert inspections, your equipment can stay running smoothly year-round. Whether it’s a combine, tractor or front-end equipment that’s being inspected, factory-certified technicians can detect possible issues ahead of time help you reduce unexpected breakdowns (and expensive repairs). Also, Scheduled Maintenance Events2 provide end-of-season preventative maintenance to help keep your machinery prepared for upcoming work; those who choose the Maintenance Plan or Maintenance Plus Wear Plan are covered for three Scheduled Maintenance Events, while those who opt for the Maintenance Plus Plan are covered for three to seven Scheduled Maintenance Events.

2.) Equipment under repair can be replaced with a rental machine

Reduce downtime and productivity loss with the help of 24-Hour Uptime Assurance included in the Maintenance Plus Plan and Maintenance Plus Wear Plan. When equipment needs repairs that will take more than 24 hours, you can receive a rental machine to continue working while your machine is under repair.3 Each expert inspection and maintenance event — as well as all suggested adjustments and repairs — have to be completed by your local John Deere dealer in order to qualify.

3.) Cost advantages

From locked in annual maintenance costs to potentially lower operating costs, it’s easy to see the financial advantages of choosing an extended service plan. You can gain even more control of expenses with Wear Parts Replacement Coverage included in the Maintenance Plus Plan (available for X and S Series combines). Wear Parts Replacement Coverage can cover the cost of routine adjustments and the replacement of wear parts that aren’t covered by the factory warranty or PowerGard™ Protection Plan.

Choose your plan

Now, it’s time to find the right plan for you. Learn more about available John Deere Protect™ extended service plans below:

· Maintenance Plan3,4 for X and S Series combines and front-end equipment: covers you with three Annual Expert Inspections and three Scheduled Maintenance Events.
· Maintenance Plus Plan4 for 8 Series row crop tractors, 7R series tractors and 6R Series utility tractors: provides three annual expert inspections along with three to seven Scheduled Maintenance Events2 and 24-Hour Uptime Assurance.
· Maintenance Plus Wear Plan4 for X and S Series combines: offers three annual expert inspections, three scheduled maintenance events, 24-hour Uptime Assurance and Wear Parts Replacement Coverage.

As you consider which plan to get, keep in mind that these extended service plans must be purchased in conjunction with either a PowerGard™ Limited or Comprehensive Protection Plan.1 Contact us to learn more details regarding each plan’s coverage terms.

1PowerGard Comprehensive Protection Plan with a minimum term of 36 months/1,000 or 1,250 hours or 36 months/1,500 or 3,000 hours must be purchased separately to be eligible for John Deere Protect extended service plans. Additional details are included in the selling descriptions of each included plan.

2Number of Scheduled Maintenance Events varies based on specific model. Please see your participating dealer for complete details.

3Subject to rental machine availability.

4Contact us for complete plan details.

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