True North Equipment Customer True Review Interviews

posted on Saturday, July 1, 2023 in Blog

june Blog 2023True North Equipment went out and about asking customers how their John Deere equipment holds up to tasks in their operations. From the yard to the fields, we get to know the needs of our customers and focus on how they use John Deere Equipment they bought from True North Equipment. We talked to Casey Hillebrand while he prepared his S240 lawn mower he bought a few years ago. He considers himself a weekend warrior who does the basics, like mowing the yard and trimming the edges every Saturday or Sunday. When done with his yard, he cruises the town and enjoys the weather, and occasionally, for extra credit, he’ll start mowing friend’s yards. To find out more about his True North Equipment experience, we asked him for his TRUE Review in this month’s Customer Review Interview.

What equipment did you buy from True North Equipment?

I went with a John Deere 42” S-240, which I call my Sporty S-240.
Funny Fact the S on the John Deere lawn mower stands for Sport. I don’t understand why, but it's either because it has a bumper or our constant race against our personal mowing records.

Why did you choose True North Equipment?

I went with True North Equipment in Grand Forks because they had a great deal compared to places like Lowes, and my mower was right there on the lot.


Big yard

What do you like most about your lawnmower?

It has cruise control. I just recently found it has two modes of cruise control, modest speed and manageable speed. It’s one less thing to worry about when I’m mowing or cruising to the next yard.

Who did you work with on the process and purchase? How did it go?

I requested a quote through your website, and Tanner Knutson responded soon after. He asked me questions about my expectations over emails and set me up with a S240. I came in the next day to look over the mower, and Tanner had the paperwork and a key waiting for me. I just had to get approved, sign, and pay.

Do you maintain your equipment or do you bring it in for service?I take care of preventative services like an oil change, air filter cleaning, etc. That’s super easy, and anyone can do that. I’ll consider bringing it in if I hear odd noises or if something is broken.

Do you mow for a business or personal?I use the mower for personal. I mow my yards, and sometimes I’ll randomly mow for a friend. It’s also a great way to commute through my small town on a Sunday Evening.

Why did you choose the John Deere Equipment you have now?
I bought a house with a big yard and need a rider. 

Do you have any “Pro Tips” you’d like to share with others? Save your old blades. Use them when you’re mowing rough lawns, like abandoned yards. No matter how diligent I’ve been about picking up a yard, I always miss something, and the blades find it for me.

Would you recommend your lawn mower to others?
Absolutely. I bought the Sport S-240 to mow lawns, and it gets the job done. The Customer Service experience was great to work with. I was impressed by how quick the transaction was.

*Casey Hillebrand is an employee of True North Equipment. He purchased the John Deere S240 Lawnmower for his own personal use and was not compensated extra to review or provide answers to these interview questions.