See & Spray Select Field Day & Clinic

posted on Friday, August 5, 2022 in Blog

Customers watching the John Deere See and Spray Select sprayer

See It. Spray It. Kill It.

John Deere's See and Spray Select Sprayer combines the capabilities of broadcast and targeted spray into one machine. Designed for fallow ground the see & spray select uses small cameras and processors integrated into the boom to scan the field. Processors detect the color green and apply your chemical only to the weeds.

As weeds are identified specific nozzles are activated to spray the identified weed, the number of nozzles activated will vary depending upon the weed pressure across the field. When necessary the operator can switch from targeted to broadcast spraying from the in-cab display.

See and spray select documents where the chemical has been applied and provide a coverage map showing where the chemical has and has not been applied - all streamed into your John Deere operations center account. This allows you to track performance, cost/time savings, and make more informed decisions when it comes to weed management.

True North Equipment was able to get the See & Spray Select Sprayer onto a local PP field in July of this year, from the day in the field we then took the sprayer to our IMPACT Center to host a training clinic for both our employees and customers.

Data From the Field

We took the See & Spray Select to a local PP Field to see how it would perform. The demo was impressive, with the sprayer following through on the promise to see it and spray it.

Each of our Precision Ag Consultants got a chance to sit in the seat and experience the sprayer, Eric Houska out of our Mahnomen location, collected data for a cost & time savings analysis. We applied blue-dyed water physically covering 44.8 acres while only applying solutions to 18.1 acres for a nearly 60% savings.

The application rate map on the display shows the application through each pass, building out a visual weed pressure map as we completed the area (see image below).

see and spray select operations center display

Single Product, Fallow Ground Calculations

Over the 44.8 acres, 181 gallons of solution were applied, that's a 60% chemical cost savings compared to broadcast application. Digging a little further into the data, the See & Spray sprayer could save you 29 minutes per field versus a regular broadcast application. Assuming the 60% chemical cost savings and a 160-acre field, at 12 miles per hour the time saved tendering chemical really adds up!

See and spray select data calculation table

Customer & Team Member Training Clinic

Following the day in the field, our team of Precision Ag experts took customers and employees through three sessions focused on the latest in sprayer technology including a live demo of the See & Spray Select Sprayer.

Session 1: ExactApply with Rex Guthland

Rex covered the basic operations, features, and benefits of ExactApply. How to make the most effective Nozzle selection when using ExactApply and compared competitive offerings.

Session 2: Get to know the 412R ExactApply Sprayer

Precision Ag & Service technicians took a tour of the 412R ExactApply Sprayer – they discussed the features, benefits, and basic operations of the sprayer. Plus, looked at the standard and preventative maintenance main points that keep a sprayer at its best.

Session 3: See & Spray Select LIVE Demo

Was a first-hand look at the See & Spray Select in action! Customers were able to watch the targeting capabilities of the See & Spray Select Sprayer, then invited to move the plant targets around for another pass.

see and spray tent presentation

Eric Houska presents See & Spray data collected during the day in the field and discusses the value for farm operations.

boom walk around

Joe Zaharia discusses the features of the See & Spray boom with integrated cameras and vision processors.

customers watching the live demo of see and spray select

See & Spray Select live demonstration, potted plants were placed around the gravel lot for the machine to target and spray.

joe briedenbach discussing the results of the see and spray pass

Joe Breidenbach discusses with the group the technology and results of the see and spray pass and invites people to reposition targets.

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