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posted on Thursday, April 6, 2023 in Blog

Tech Talk April 2023

True North Equipment takes pride in the high level of support we provide for our customers and their Precision Ag equipment. Our mission is to empower customer success by keeping you running, and minimizing downtime and frustrations. 
Our team can access diagnostic trouble codes on your JDLink machines in order to alert our service departments and respond proactively to equipment that needs attention. We’re here to serve your operation’s needs with a full line of equipment solutions. Including data management, machine optimization, technology integration, and training.

With True North Expert Connect, your Integrated Solutions Support Team is available when you need them!
With one direct number you are directed straight to one of our IS Support Team members, dedicated to answering your support calls and handling your remote support needs. Our team of highly trained consultants is proficient in all of John Deere’s Precision Ag Solutions. Connect with our team members at your local True North Equipment location, request a demo, and follow any of our YouTube Training series’ to maximize your farm technology!

To tell us more about Expert Connect, and the growth of the Integrated Solutions Support Team, we ask Chris Kuznia, Precision Technology Manager,  and Chuck Kuznia, Precision Technology Consultant, a few questions.

1. Can you tell us about the True North Connected Support Center powered by ExpertConnect?

Chuck - The TNE Connected Support Center is basically a hub with a hosted phone number that customers can call or text when experiencing machinery and/or implement Precision Technology issues.  

2. Do you have plans to hire more people to help and expand the Precision Tech/Integrated Solutions team?

Chuck - Currently, we plan to bring on 2 interns from NDSCS in April.  Chris - We plan to hire more IS/Product specialists and call center employees as needed.

3. How many employees are a part of your department? What roles do they play?

Chuck - The way it sits now, we have 7 members of the Integrated Solutions team.  Roles include machine hardware installations, machine hardware updates in machines, troubleshooting, and machine optimizations. Other roles focus on particular areas such as agronomic data, and the John Deere Certified Dealer Instructor Program.

Chris - As we move forward we will be breaking down into more specialized roles that connect better with the emerging technologies that John Deere is releasing in the up and coming years. Example: See and Spray Ultimate Specialist, Combine Technology Specialist, Data Specialist.

4. How long has ExpertConnect been in use by the IS team?  When will the True North Connected Support Center be running in full swing?
Chris - The ExpertConnect phoneline has been up and running for a number of years without a great take rate. This last year ExpertConnect has really focused on enhancing the capabilities and integration of their software with John Deere making it the clear choice for us moving forward.
The Call Center is in the process of being developed and tested by us this spring with a goal of full operation by 2024 for sure.

5. What are the hours of operation (ie. when can customers contact the support center)?
Chuck - The hours are 8am to 5pm during non-peak season times and 8am to 9pm during peak season times.

6. What can Farmers expect from the True North Connected Support Center? What will they benefit from it?

Chris - You can expect the same great service from your IS Department as you have had in the past for basic technology questions. We will also be adding the Machine Monitoring and Expert Alerts from John Deere making field downtime minimal. 
Also with a dedicated group answering a bulk of the calls we can better dispatch other consultants out to more complex problems in the field.

7. What is the ultimate goal for the True North Connected Support center and the teams at True North?

Chuck - The ultimate goal is to have all teams, departments, and locations on the same page and operating smoothly, which in turn will make the farmer/customer more productive.

8. Would you like to add anything else?

Chris - Here at True North Equipment we have an amazing IS Team that is embracing the up and coming technologies in stride and truly is striving to be industry leaders in this space. Our department is not only out in the field or on the farm we are also ramping up our internal and external training to make sure everyone who is an employee or customer has access to great training opportunities.