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posted on Friday, December 9, 2022 in Blog

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Christmas shopping season arrived quicker than expected (again), and the last minute Christmas shopping season will get here even quicker. Gift ideas are disappearing off shelves as stores sell out nearly everything. Fortunately, True North Equipment locations have plenty of John Deere toys and merchandise on the shelves for you to choose from. If you have a farmer in the family, a kid that loves tractors, or if you are a tractor collector, we have your Christmas list planned out.

To give us more insight into what True North Equipment has in store for Christmas gifts, we talk to True North Equipment, Parts Managers, Blair Sateren of Grafton, Luke Bird of Mahnomen, and Bruce Barwin.

Describe what you have on your toy and merchandise shelves.

Blair Sateren: Collectible and play toys 1/16-1/64. Battery and manual ride-on toys. (Gator, pedal tractor, Bikes)
Luke Bird: We here in Mahnomen have a pretty big selection of clothing, toys, and knick-knacks. From high-end collector series toys to thermometers. We have John Deere toys, collectibles, apparel, tools, décor, and household items in stock.
Bruce Barwin: We have John Deere toys, collectibles, apparel, tools, décor, and household items in stock.

What is the most popular item in the merchandise department?

Luke: By far, the most popular items are the toys.
Bruce: John Deere toys for big kids, and little kids are always popular.

What do you think would be the best gift to give a child, how about an adult?

Blair: We have a little something for almost anyone.
Luke: JD logo clothing always goes well for adults. Toys for the kids
Bruce: The best gift shows you love and care, whatever it may be in the giver’s heart at the time.

Do you think adults buy toys more for themselves than for kids?

Blair: its more for the Kids
Luke: Most of the time, they are buying for children. We do have some collectors coming in from time to time who are buying for themselves.
Bruce: During the holiday season, the kids are the primary recipients.

How often do you see a kid light up when a parent buys a toy for them?

Blair: 100%, everytime
Luke: Everytime!

Do you have a story about how well a gift was received? 

Blair: We had a grandmother who said her grandkid was so happy with our mighty trike, a pedal tricycle with oversized tires, that she bought a second one for another one of her grandchildren.

Are you running any Christmas specials or bundles on toys and merch?

Blair: Yes! Our annual holiday sale of 15% off John Deere toys,  apparel, home decor, and branded merchandise

Are you hosting a Christmas event at your location?

Bruce: Santa will be visiting children at our store in Grand Forks on December 17 this year.

15percent of toys

Do you have freshly stocked shelves for the anticipated holiday shopping?

Blair: Toy shelves are full, and several bikes are in stock.
Luke: Yes
Bruce: The shelves are stocked, and more items are shipping to us as I write this

Would you like to say anything else regarding John Deere toys and merchandise at your location?

Luke: Again, we have a big selection of toys, clothing, and merchandise for Christmas. And if you do not see what you are looking for, ask one of our parts professionals to see if we can get your special gift ordered for you in time for Christmas Morning!
Bruce: We try to have a nice selection and welcome you to come by and see what is available.

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