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Preparing for springs work, hustling during harvest, or the occasional breakdown, planning on it or not, parts wear and eventually need replacing. The cost of fuel, time, and sending a farm hand on a parts-run to the nearest dealer adds up. To help, We added over thirty-five dropbox locations throughout the region. It has also eliminated the rush to make it to a dealer before it closes. Ordering parts online and scheduling dropbox deliveries gives farmers 24-hour access. The number of drop-boxes continues to grow as we analyze where drop-boxes can be most helpful to farmers, shortening the distance between more farmers and saving them money getting their parts. 
To tell us more about the growth of drop-off routes and locations, we talk to True North Equipment, Corporate Parts Manager Lonnie Thompson in this month’s Q&A Tech Talk Parts Dropboxes.


with True North Equipment, Corporate Parts Manager Lonnie Thompson

Q: What is the goal of the drop boxes? 

Lonnie Thompson: To help save customers time when they are busy in the field. When they use up spare parts on the farm, they can request replacements to keep them going saving time and miles.

Q: How do our customers benefit from this service?

Lonnie Thompson: Customers save valuable time when they don’t have to drive to pick up parts. They can phone or place orders on the “My True North” app. Deliveries are on a set schedule so they know when they can pick them up.

Q: What do they think of the service?

Lonnie Thompson: Customers have commented on the time and miles this service has saved them.

Q: How long have we been using the drop boxes?

Lonnie Thompson: Thief River has been using this for years. Baudette, Kennedy, and Grafton have started drops this year.

Q: Will the drop box locations continue to grow?

Lonnie Thompson: Plans are to continue the growth of this service to our customers.

Q: Are the drop boxes a secure way of exchanging parts?

Lonnie Thompson: Most places we drop at have security cameras.

Q: How often are drop boxes used?

Lonnie Thompson: Most locations run a Monday, Wednesday, Friday drop route.

Q: How much money do you think customers and the company save on shipping costs by choosing drop box services? 

Lonnie Thompson: The savings to the customers are huge. Gas, travel, and a hired person on the farm are cut greatly by this service.

Q: Do you have a story of a long-distance delivery TNE made for a customer?

Lonnie Thompson: I had a customer call and missed a transfer to Baudette from Kennedy. It was a combine part to get them back up and running. I had someone grab the part in Kennedy and met the person on the road, saving them over 2 hours of travel time.

Q: Lastly, do you have anything you’d like to say about our dropbox updates to TNE customers?

Lonnie Thompson: As of right now we want to provide the best support possible to our customers. Having 3 delivery days per week helps our customers plan orders and time to get them lined up for delivery.

Parts van and boxParts dropbox station at the Buxton ND Farmers CO-OP and the van used to pick up parts.


We know that not everybody can pick up parts during business hours & that's why we have the True North Equipment Parts Dropbox Network. A network of over 35 drop-boxes located in several communities between our dealership locations, providing you with closer more convenient places to pick up your parts.

Place your parts order with your local dealer, or through the MyTrueNorth customer portal, and we'll deliver them, for free, to the dropbox of your choice, you pick up your order at your convenience!  Each box is conveniently located in and around several locations, including Baudette, Grafton, Grand Forks, Kennedy, Mahnomen, Thief River Falls, and Warren.

At True North Equipment, we pride ourselves in offering the northern Red River Valley’s largest selection of parts and accessories. We understand the importance of keeping your machines up and running, and our network of retail locations is here to serve you. 
Each of our showrooms features the latest in John Deere parts, accessories, toys, gifts, and Honda Equipment. Additionally, Grafton, Grand Forks, Northwood, and Baudette carry Stihl trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, and more.
Let our full-service parts department bring the parts department to you; in-person, by telephone, through email, or our online ordering system - MyTrueNorth Customer Portal.



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