Matt Pinske - Service Maintenance

posted on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 in Blog

Matt Pinske

Welcome Matt Pinske to True North Equipment in Mahnomen

Welcome to the Mahnomen team Matt Pinske! Matt has taken on the role of Service Maintenance in our retail location. Matt grew up and lives in Gary, MN, so is excited to be able to work close to home. He brings with him years of experience working with several farms. Matt went to school at NDSCS and has his Associates Degree in Auto Body Repair.

On a personal side Matt enjoys computer gaming, woodworking, and on the radio seeks out rock music. Visiting ancient megalithic stone sites is something on his bucket list! One of Matt’s favorite meals is venison, so it is fitting that a good piece of advice he was once given is “The best thing you can do is arrange to be around when that old buck runs out of luck!”

Welcome to the Mahnomen team Matt, we are excited to have you!

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