Customers True Review Interviews

posted on Wednesday, July 26, 2023 in Blog

Customers True Review Interviews

True North Equipment went out and about asking customers how their John Deere equipment holds up to tasks of their daily operation. From the yard to the farm, we get to know the needs of our customers and focus on how they use John Deere Equipment they bought from True North. We interviewed Scott Slettebak about his experience with his John Deere equipment. His equipment in the summertime is a zero-turn lawn mower and a 1025R with a factory cab, 120R loader, and a 54" front mount snow blower during the winter. Judging by his equipment set up, we can safely determine Scott, is prepared for whatever the seasons will throw at him, and then some. We talk to Scott to find out how ready he is for the seasons.

What equipment did you buy?
I bought the 1025R w/factory cab, with the 120R loader, and a 54 front mounted snow blower. 

Why did you choose True North Equipment?
I went with True North Equipment because they had what I was looking for, a great sales department and they had a great deal compared to places like Lowes.

What do you like most about your 1025R compact tractor?
It has a  cab, compared to the 2210 I had. I cleared a lot of snow off the driveway last year.  With the cab I was able keep going and cleared snow off  my road, the fire department’s driveway and a few other places.

Who did you work with on the process and purchase? How did it go?Good. Rod Pederson helped me get the equipment I was looking for and set me up with the 1025R, the cab, Loader, and 54 inch snow blower.

scotts compact

Do you maintain your equipment or do you bring it in for service?
I service it myself, as much as I can. The preventative maintenance like oil changes, cleaning or replacing the filter, or changing a belts is pretty easy.  Winterizing the 1025, mounting the snow blower on the 1025 for winter and

Do you use your equipment all year round, or seasonally? 
I use it year round. I use the front mounted snow blower, too often, in the winter time and Im busy using the 120R loader for landscaping projects

blower attachment

Do you use the 1025R for a business or personal?
It’s for personal use. I used it quite a bit getting projects done around the house.

Did you pick-up or have your equipment delivered?
I came and picked up. Rod had everything ready for me and I trailered everything back to Petersburg, N.D. 

Would you recommend John Deere equipment to others?
Yes. I’ve been around John Deere my entire life.