Find the John Deere disks you need for everything from primary to secondary tillage at True North Equipment. The 2620 Three- and Five-Section Tandem disks are fitting choices for those who work in fields with light to medium soil conditions; these are great for seedbed prep. The 2623 Three- and Five-Section Tandem Disks are also excellent for seedbed prep as well as residue/sizing incorporation, although they’re most suitable for medium to heavy soils. The 2625 Three-Section Tandem Disks are best for heavy soils and residue sizing/incorporation. And if you need tillage equipment that can be put to work in any soil type, the 670 Series Single Offset Disks will get the job done.

Those who own orchards, vineyards, or grow crops like tobacco and cotton will find a lot to love about the John Deere 225 Offset Disk and 425 Offset Disk. Built with a one-piece welded frame, the 225 Offset Disk is a great choice for light primary tillage. Like the 225, the 425 Offset Disk also has a one-piece welded mainframe and can be used for deeper disking and primary tillage. For any questions you may have about our lineup of John Deere disks or other tillage equipment and farm machinery we offer, contact us today.