These Things Need To Be On Your After-Harvest Checklist

posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 in Blog

Harvest is FINALLY coming to a close!  Before you pack up for deer camp or warmer climates, we have a few things you'll definitely want to add to your post-harvest checklist. 


First, and we can't say this enough, get your equipment scheduled for a winter inspection! Whether it's in our shop our yours, our highly trained technicians will give your machines the most thorough checkover to ensure you'll be up and running as soon as spring planting rolls around. If that's not enough of a reason, read more from Service Technician, Kyle Britton, here

Ready to sign up for your winter inspection? Talk to your local Service Manager or schedule online here.


We often get wrapped up in cleaning and preparing our equipment, but what about our AMS systems? Integrated Solutions Specialist, Dale Magenau, says now is the time to unload all of the data you've logged throughout the season. If you're a 2630 user, upload all of your data into APEX or MyOperations Center, and clear all 'Documentation Data'. Be sure not to delete your 'Setup Data', if you do, you'll have to give Dale a call. If you're a 2600 user, upload your data to APEX, verify it is there, and then clear the data card. 

Now is also a great time to look forward to the technology updates and additions you may need next year. Think about what additional activations or new hardware you'll need so that you beat the spring planting rush!

Once you've saved all of your data and made the necessary activations, take some time to inspect your equipment for exposed wiring, rust, etc. before removing it and storing it for the winter. Freezing and thawing throughout the winter can take a toll on your hardware. We recommend storing all of your hardware in a climate controlled area, especially if you're using a Brown Box!

Final Tips

  • As always, give your equipment a thorough cleaning inside and out. This can prevent unwanted rodents making your equipment their winter home. 
  • Store your equipment with fresh oil and filters. Save up to 30% on filters through the end of the year (when you buy 12 or more)!
  • Prevent unwanted damage due to cold temperatures by winterizing your sprayer!

Congratulations on completing another year! Cheers to less rain in 2017!