The Benefits of Attending a Training Class

posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 in Blog

Class is back in session at True North Equipment. This winter’s training schedule includes a variety of topics from Basic AMS Optimization to Advanced Planter and SeedStar XP Optimization. During these classes you'll have the chance to use actual displays connected to receivers, learn from our experienced Integrated Solutions Consultants and participate in an environment with other area farmers. Our classes are small enough where individual questions can be addressed, but large enough to create a dynamic learning atmosphere.

Here are five reasons you'll want to attend one of our training class!

You may already have a free seat waiting for you!

If you had an equipment inspection completed this year, you already have a seat saved just for you. Just mention your inspection when you reserve your seat, and we'll reserve it for you, free of charge!

Prepare your operators for this year’s cropping season

You spend all winter getting things in order for the upcoming season; from replacing worn parts and lubricants, to organizing your finances, there are plenty of items to get ready. Why not spend some time dusting off those AMS cobwebs and get everyone up to speed with our AMS Optimization class? This is also a great class for new hires!

Find synergy in a group setting

When you're at a class surrounded by people in the same profession, there are ample opportunities to learn from one another. During these classes, questions will be asked by others that may apply to your farm or give you different perspective on how to approach a problem.

Learn specifics you may not know about

Want to know more than how to use an A+B line? These classes will show you small details that can help you use your equipment to the fullest.

State-of-the-art facility

Our True North Resource Center in Grand Forks opened in 2013 and has been hosting custom training ever since. We have refined our classes to combine custom training with an exceptional customer experience, making cutting-edge technology easy to understand and implement.

We're excited to see you there!