New Mobile Apps -- Decision Making at Your Finger-Tips

posted on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 in Blog

From the labs of John Deere, meet the newest additions to the John Deere App Center: MyOperations and MyAnalyzer. These new power-packed apps are designed to take real-time decision making to the next level.


The MyOperations app combines insights from data in Operations Center and JDLink Connect with daily summaries, field productivity, and quality details. Knowing current acres worked, fuel levels and idle time helps you to proactively manage your day to improve logistics, efficiency, and productivity. Gain confidence with metrics showing you that field work is being executed as planned from the MyOperations app.


The MyAnalyzer app leverages data from Operations Center to provide a view of documented map layers and summaries of field operations. This is traditionally the same data viewed within the Field Analyzer and Field Summary tab in Operations Center, but by utilizing smartphone location features, MyAnalyzer enhances the ability to perform in-field analysis of documented results. To make more informed decisions; 

  • Utilize documented map layers to ground truth recorded data and for insights into the effectiveness of farming practices
  • Access documented map layers on the spot or easily send them via text or email to another person to aid in conversations with advisers and landlords
  • Access summary information of product performance as it is being harvested to aid in seed selection decisions for next year

These new tools are designed to provide you more real time information to allow you to make more informed decisions for your operation. Getting started is easy - simply install the apps on a compatible smartphone and login to an existing Operations Center organization. Take advantage of the ways JDLink machine data and documented operations are combined. New and existing users will want to ensure they get the benefits of managing more acres, more precisely with these apps by enabling their equipment fleets with JDLink Connect, which seamlessly connects the machine to the Operations Center and takes the burden of data collection and transmission off of the grower.

John Deere MyAnalyzer

John Deere MyAnalyzer

John Deere MyAnalyzer

Written by guest-blogger, Travis Kiesel, Integrated Solutions Manager at True North Equipment.