Mike Bubb, Lead Technician - IMPACT Center, Grand Forks

posted on Thursday, November 12, 2020 in Blog

We're excited to announce, Mike Bubb has been chosen as Lead Technician at the IMPACT Center in Grand Forks!  Like the IMPACT Center, the Lead Technician role is something new and innovative. Mike’s role will use his years of experience, plus his natural ability to teach and mentor, to lead a whole new work force at the IMPACT Center in performing new equipment set up and used equipment reconditioning to his standards, and the standards of TNE. While he may not turn wrenches as much, he will be sharing his knowledge and experience to train technicians on how to do the work correctly and grow technicians that can eventually move into retail store locations. He will be able to give his stamp of approval on the work that comes out of the IMPACT Center.

Mike has been at the Warren location, diagnosing, problem solving and keeping equipment running for many years.  Luke Aipperspach, Corporate Service Manager for True North Equipment, says “While we know Mike’s customers will miss him in Warren, his experience and talent will be extremely valuable at this enterprise level”! 

Mike Bubb