King Hagemen - J.D. Technician Intern - Grand Forks, ND

posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2023 in Blog

King Hagmen

King Hagemen joins the team as a John Deere Diesel Technician Intern. The former field scout is excited to be around the agriculture scene, and he's ready to start learning the in's and out's. He also tells us he's excited to finally start working with the team at True North Equipment.

A small Q&A with King Hagemen

Favorite Snack: Protein Shake

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite things to do: Snowmobile, Hunting, fishing 

Favorite Music: Country and rock

What is something on your bucket list? Go bow hunting for Caribou in Canadian back country.

Most memorable adventure was: Snowmobiling in West Yellowstone, Montana over Christmas

If you could have lunch with ANYONE (Dead or alive, famous or personal), who would it be? Johnny Cash.

Welcome to the team, King. We're excited to see you start your new stage in life and grow as you learn and experience new things.footer