Keep it Full: A True North Solution

posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 in Blog

At True North Equipment, we're committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and service, and our 'Keep it Full' program is no different. With scheduled deliveries of high quality John Deere oil to top off YOUR tanks, the 'Keep it Full' program ensures that you'll never run dry. 

What are the benefits of John Deere Oil and the Keep it Full program?

  • Proven extended drain intervals when using John Deere equipment, filters and oil; up to 500 hours when using Plus-50 II and John Deere filters.
  • Use your John Deere Financial Multi-Use Account; no need to worry about another vendor to write a monthly check to. With a John Deere Multi-Use Account, you have the flexibility to stock your operation with inputs required to keep your business moving foward.
  • Reduce purchased cost of oil; enrolling in the Keep it Full program ensures you keep your costs low with exclusive discounts. Get 5% off oil, 10% off filters and 15% off oil storage systems.
  • Reduce material handling of drums and pails; Our oil truck will deliver right to your oil storage system. Don't have one? By enrolling, you'll receive 15% off any oil storage system!
  • Improved inventory control of oil; We'll make sure you never run dry! Our 'Keep it Full' program allows us to drop oil into your systems when we're out delivering. Whether it's a complete fill or just to top it off, we're there for you!
  • Increased shop efficiency; with oil always available, no more waiting for a delivery, or sending someone for a pickup. Focus on what's timely for you!

What discounts do I receive for enrolling?

  • 5% off John Deere engine and Hyguard oil
  • 10% off John Deere filters (year-round)
  • 15% off bulk oil storage systems
  • Free delivery

Click here to enroll!

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