How To Get The Most Accurate Yield Data This Harvest Season

posted on Wednesday, September 18, 2019 in Blog

Don't let your data go up in smoke

It wasn't that long ago that we were celebrating our nation’s independence with fireworks and time with family, and now we're deep into #Harvest19. With an abundant crop on the way, there is still time to add an update to your S-Series combine!

A few years ago, John Deere introduced ActiveYield for MY16-17 S-Series combines as a retrofit kit. ActiveYield enhances accuracy of a combine's yield data with no operator time spent manually calibrating. Last year, it was introduced for S-Series combines back to MY12!

How it works; Active Yield = Active Calibration

ActiveYield provides continuous calibration of the mass flow sensor through load cells installed in the grain tank. Load Cells in the grain tank estimate the change in weight of grain, as the grain tank fills. The AYM controller software in the moisture sensor compares the grain tank load cell data to the Clean Grain Elevator mass flow sensor data, and adjusts the Mass Flow sensor calibration curve to minimize error.


This minimization in error allows users to maximize their data by ensuring quality and consistent data all season long.

Display the Details

I know the valley is flat, but even during harvest you'll come across some elevation change as you combine through ditches and inclines. Through these terrain differences, the weight of the grain pile in your hopper shifts, putting varying pressures on different load cells, but don't worry! The ActiveYield systems accounts for this using the Terrain Compensation Module built into your SF3000 or SF6000 GPS receiver. If for some reason a load is rejected, a new one is started automatically after the load is emptied. You can view the current status, quality of the calibration, and number of accepted loads on your John Deere monitor.


Multiple Supported Crops

Five crops, three sensors and one easy way to ensure that harvest data is accurate. ActiveYield maximizes the accuracy of the combine’s yield data with less time spent calibrating.


  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat
  • Canola
  • Barley


Bottom line; if you have a MY12 or newer combine, you're going to want to get Active Yield before harvest starts this year! Interested in learning more; talk to your salesman or a member of our Integrated Solutions team!