Guest Post; On-The-Go Nutrition

posted on Monday, May 14, 2018 in Blog

This post is courtesy guest blogger, Registered Dietician Ashley Citrowske. She gives us six tips on proper nutrition for those long days in the tractor/combine/sprayer/truck. 

Out in the field, you carefully consider fertilizer rates for your crops. You may even call in additional help to get the right combinations. You wouldn’t want to use too much and be wasteful or use too little and lose potential. Hours of work go into choosing the right times and rates to apply nutrients to fields. Unfortunately, most farmers don’t put even a fraction of this time considering what kind of nutrients are going into their own bodies.

The truth is, as with crops, our bodies need certain combinations of nutrients to keep going. Instead of talking about nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, we are focused on carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Just like with crops, we can be too stingy or wasteful in what we are using to fuel our own systems. 

Here are some quick tips to keep your body running at peak efficiency this planting season: 

  1. Pack a well-rounded meal; How many of the five food groups (fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, & dairy) does your lunch usually contain? Aim to fill those food groups when you are packing your lunch before adding a small dessert to top it off. 
  2. Choose healthy grab-and-go snacks; By changing up the types of easy snacks you keep at home or out on the farm, you can make a big difference in your diet. 
    1. Stock the fridge with things like string cheese and peeled hard boiled eggs for a snack that will keep you feeling full longer.
    2. Squeeze tubes of yogurt and pouches of applesauce aren’t just for the kids! These no-mess snacks are perfect for on the go.
    3. Fresh fruits and vegetables are perfect for in the tractor as many of them don’t require additional packaging for transport. Cut and washed fruits and vegetables are a great choice too and can even be purchased that way if you don’t have time to prepare it yourself. 
    4. Choose single serving packages of baked chips rather than a large bag of regular chips to reduce the likelihood that you will overeat. 
  3. Eat Slowly; You wouldn’t pour out all your fertilizer for a field on your first pass, right? Being mindful of taking your time while eating can help you realize when you’re full so you aren’t left feeling bloated. It can also help your snacks last a lot longer! 
  4. Stay hydrated; Our bodies need water just like the crops in the field. If you’re out in the tractor or in a semi, it’s easy to keep a water bottle nearby. Just remember to take frequent sips, especially on hot, sunny days! 
  5. Find something else to keep you busy; If you’re using newer John Deere Equipment, there may not be much for you to do in the cab, if that’s the case, try listening to audiobooks or podcasts, chewing gum, or refining your beatboxing skills. 
  6. Get up and Stretch; While some may view it as a waste of time, getting out of the tractor or semi for a while and moving around can help keep you awake and alert longer than trying to “power through.” 

You're careful to choose the right equipment and products for your fields. Now it’s time to start putting some effort into taking care of the most important part of your farm: The Farmer. Putting a little bit of time into fueling your own body and building some healthy habits can result in adding healthy years to your life so you will be able to enjoy farming for years to come.

If you're interested in fine-tuning your nutrition contact Ashley Citrowske, RD, LRD at Healthy Weighs Nutrition Center by emailing Your insurance company may cover the cost of your appointment.  We are providers for BC BS of ND, BC BS of MN, and Sanford.  To know for sure if your insurance company covers the expense of your Medical Nutrition Therapy appointment, simply call the number on the back of your insurance card.

Ashley Citrowske is a Registered Dietitian that works with Healthy Weighs Nutrition Center. She is originally from Bemidji, MN and graduated from the University of North Dakota. She is passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and eating delicious foods. She loves helping clients to improve their nutrition and firmly believes that healthy eating can be easy and enjoyable.