Freeing Stuck Machinery

posted on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 in Blog

You know that sinking feeling, literally. That stuck in the mud, 'oops I did it again', feeling. Unfortunately, with this summer's seemingly never-ending rain, many of you have been facing this sinking feeling far too often this year. These wet, muddy harvesting conditions can lead to stuck combines, tractors and trucks. So, to help, we compiled an expert-approved list of 8 tips to safely remove your machine. 

  1. Always use a suitable chain. Do not exceed the breaking strength. Do not mix chains with tow straps or ropes. Energy stored in the towing device could cause serious bodily injury if it should break.
  2. Make sure all parts of towing devices are of adequate size and strong enough to handle the load.
  3. Always hitch to the drawbar of the towing unit.
  4. Attach towing device to the appropriate location on the stuck machine. (Combine: front or rear axle tow hooks. Tractor: rear drawbar.)
  5. Before moving, clear the area of people.
  6. Apply power smoothly to take up the slack. A sudden pull could snap any towing device causing it to whip or recoil dangerously.
  7. Once freed from mud, clean debris from wheels.
  8. Frequently inspect towing devices for any flaws. Discard if flaws are discovered.

Above all, remember to keep yourself and everyone around you safe.