Dustin Lofstrom- Service Maintenance - Northwood,North Dakota

posted on Tuesday, July 18, 2023 in Blog

Dustin Loftstrom

Dustin Lofstrom, from McVille, North Dakota, joins True North Equipment in Northwood! Soon to be a married man, Dustin is excited to start on a variety of different tasks at his new position. 

A small Q&A with Dustin Lofstrom

Favorite Snack: Beef Jerky

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite things to do: ride/restore vintage snowmobiles 

Favorite Music: Rock

What is something on your bucket list?  Travel with fiancé

His most memorable adventure was: Going to South Dakota with my fiancé

If you could have lunch with ANYONE died or alive, who would it be? Mike Nelson

Help us welcome Dustin to the team. We're excited to have him a part of it.