Customer Training -- Winter 2017 Class Descriptions

posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 in Blog

We're proud to be the area's leader in providing training on John Deere products. Each summer and winter, we offer customers hands-on training taught by the guys who know it best. We put this handy guide together to show you a little more about what you'll learn if you enroll in a class this winter. 

Basic AMS Optimization

Basic display, receiver and documentation setup. The classroom will have live 2630 displays and 3000 and the new 6000 receivers to utilize. Every setup screen of the 2630, 3000 and 6000 will be covered in detail.

APEX/MyJohnDeere Basics

This class will cover a wide range of APEX topics. Basic courses will cover unloading data and creating setup files. The Operations Center portion of the class will teach you what the program has to offer, how to utilize the data generated from it, and the third party companies that are being incorporated. More advanced classes will cover topics such as creating prescriptions and drainage ditches. We'll work to fit you into a class that most represents your current knowledge level.

Basic Air Seeder Optimization

Technology overview of display operation, including; screen navigation, documentation setup, seeder settings, cart settings and section control.

Basic Planter/SeedStar XP Optimization

Basic planter operations, including; row unit setup and adjustments, SeedStar operational screen navigation and setup, planter wear points and operational tips and tricks.

Sprayer Optimization

Make the most of your sprayer with expert advice on tips, wet and dry system component descriptions, monitor setup, basic machine settings and operational instruction.

On-Farm Classes

Prefer classes on your own turf? Redeem your in-class seats or purchase a four-hour, on-farm visit from one of our knowledgable Integrated Solutions Consultants. They'll cover the topics that you want!

Dont forget; if you purchased new model 2017 ag equipment or have booked an off-season inspection, you're eligible for a complimentary seat in any class!

Click here for the full class schedule and registration.