Create Your Best Elevation Map During Beet Harvest

posted on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 in Blog

John Deere may not have an app specifically for sugar beet harvesting, but that doesn't mean there aren't insights to be gained throughout the harvesting season. Ag Salesman, Joe Breidenbach explains why he tells his customers to create elevation maps during beet harvest. 

How do I create an elevation map? Super easy; any time you're using the RTK network and recording an operation, you're generating an elevation map in the background. So, if you aren't recording your operations during beet harvest, start now!

Why is this map better than ones generated while I'm harvesting grains? When you're harvesting grains, your combine gets weighted down as grain enters your machine, and obviously lightens up as you disperse it into a grain cart. With the receiver on the top of your machine, this can generate an inaccurate reading. With beet harvest, you won't be weighted down by a full grain tank, and your machine should maintain a consistent weight.

You'll also have the advantage of running straight lines with narrow passes. As you know, combine heads are a much wider width than your combine itself. You'll run your tractor and beet lifter in a much more narrow pass. 

Cool. Now I have an elevation map. What can I use it for? Use these super accurate elevation maps for prescribing and planning post-season ditching. 

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