Charles Dalzell - Service - Grafton ND

posted on Saturday, June 17, 2023 in Blog

Charles DalzellResiding in St. Thomas N.D., Charles, a former millwright, grew up on a potato farm near Drayton, North Dakota. He's excited to work on the True North Equipment team because he doesn't have to travel and gets amazing health benefits.

A small Q&A with Charles Dalzell

Favorite Food: Cheese Burger

Favorite things to do: Home with my dogs or riding Harley

Favorite Music: Rock

What is something on your bucket list? Travel to Knoxville Iowa

His most memorable adventure was: Sturgis

If you could have lunch with ANYONE died or alive, who would it be? Dogs I've had over the years.

Please welcome Charles Dalzell to the Diesel Technician team in Grafton, North Dakota.