Austin Bicker – JD Tech Intern, Grand Forks

posted on Monday, June 21, 2021 in Blog

We're excited to welcome Austin Bicker to our Grand Forks Service Department! A graduate of Central High School in Grand Forks, Austin is interning at the Grand Forks location and plans to go to NDSCS, sponsored by True North Equipment. Besides True North Equipment, he’s worked at Hugo’s and Rydell in Grand Forks. He says he’s excited about being able to have a paid internship with True North Equipment, because it’s something he wants to do.

Fun facts about Austin:

  1. When not working, he likes hanging out with friends and fishing.
  2. His most memorable vacation was Disney World.
  3. You’ll most like find him listening to Country/Rock music.
  4. He’d love to travel to Europe one day.

Welcome to True North Equipment, Austin!

Austin Bicker