6 Takeaways From This Week's John Deere Product Launch

posted on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 in Blog

This week, John Deere was proud to announce new and redesigned products to its already industry-leading family. Here are the six things we're most excited about!

ExactApply Nozzle Control System

With individual nozzle control and triple the hybrid pulse rate modulation of other models, ExactApply expands the operating range of each nozzle at all speed ranges up to 20 mph. By maintaining consistent droplet size and rate for the right crop, ExactApply delivers effective coverage over more acres in less time. Learn more here.

Source: John Deere New Products

Haggie Partnership

John Deere is excited to welcome Hagie to the application equipment family! Hagie's portfolio includes a full line of single- and dual-tank high-clearance sprayers with boom widths from 60- to 132-ft wide, now backed by reliable John Deere sales, parts and service support. Hagie's long history and expertise in late-season applications along with the versatility of multiple attachments for specific crop needs provide unique solutions for growing customer demands. Watch the video here.

Source: John Deere YouTube

Compact Utility Tractors

Deere announced two new additions to their compact tractor lineup, the 2R Series and the 3025E!

2R Series

The all-new 2R Series has been completely redesigned! The premium tractor series has been updated with a comfortable ergonomic layout, heavier frame, higher horsepower, and more innovative, time-saving features. Learn more about the newly redesigned 2 Family of tractors here.


With up to 38 engine horsepower, standard high-capacity hydraulics, four wheel drive, hydrostatic transmission, TwinTouch pedal controls, and a versatile category 1 3-point hitch, the refined 3E Series is one surprisingly capable compact. These affordable tractors feature a horizontal exhaust for better visibility and a folding ROPs which makes it easier to get under low-clearance shed and garage doors.

See how the 3025E stacks up to the Kubota L2501 here.

TruSet Tillage Technology

Imagine changing your tillage depth and pressure faster than climbing out of your cab. What used to take 12 to 20 minutes doing this job manually, you can now do in only six seconds from your cab. Now with a valve stack feature to allow you to use TruSet in a wider range of tractor and tillage equipment, even if they're not green. Learn more about TruSet Tillage Technology here.

Operations Center

With the latest John Deere Operations Center update, new functionality enables variety documentation, Harvest ID, tillage target depth maps, as well as speed maps for seeding and tillage. These new tools will help you better analyze the performance of your crops. Contact your local Integrated Solutions Consultant to learn more about how Operations Center can benefit you and your operations (Dale: 701-265-2769 or Dave: 218-779-3098).

608 Folding Corn Head

Narrow roads are no sweat with the 608 Folding Corn Head. Move up to 88% faster between fields compared with using a header transport trailer. This means you can move faster and easier between fields and spend more time harvesting, reducing fuel and equipment costs. Check it out here.

Source: John Deere