6 Reasons To Have Your Equipment Inspected During the Off-Season

posted on Thursday, December 6, 2018 in Blog

I know, I know, we're thinking more about the holidays than the next season in the field, but now is the best time to start getting your equipment ready for next year! We got a few minutes with resident combine expert Kyle Britton, and figured we'd better capitalize on it. Kyle took us through a typical equipment inspection and gave us his reasons for taking advantage of our off-season equipment inspections. 

Less downtime during peak time

An inspection will catch those downtime causing problems before you're in the middle of the field during peak time.

We have an ear for it

Technicians run your machine during the inspection and listen for any abnormal noise. Our technicians have experience with a number of models of combines, and may detect a strange tick before it comes an all-out roar.

The latest and greatest

We'll make sure you have the most updated software going into the next season. Software updates can decrease downtime, and get you all of the most important information about your crop.

A (free) seat at the table

For each inspection you purchase, you'll receive a free seat at any of our training and optimization classes (a $150 value!).

Prescription for parts

We'll let you know if we see something that needs replacing, and can take care of it right in our shops! We carry any part your machine may need, and our experienced technicians will install them right in our clean, warm shops.

Delayed warranty

Let us take care of installing your prescribed parts, and you'll qualify for a delayed warranty! All parts installed by our staff before March 31, 2017 will qualify for our delayed warranty!

Click here for pricing, and to schedule your off-season inspection!