2018 John Deere S700 Combines; 5 Highlights From The Launch

posted on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 in Blog

Whatever the conditions or the operator, the new S700 Combines give you consistent grain quality in a comfortable and easy to operate environment. Integrated, automated technology improves ease of use and gives you the most out of your combine. Check out the highlights below.

Combine Advisor

Combine Advisor incorporates seven technolgies to help operators set, optimize and automate the combine for the most effective harvesting performance based on their crop and field conditions. Watch the video here!

Auto Maintain

Auto Maintain is a function within Combine Advisor, supported by ActiveVision cameras, that gives operators a view into the tailing and clean grain elevator. 

Active Yield

Active Yield technology automatically calibrates the mass flow sensor. This saves time by eliminating the need for manual calibrations and ensures the best data is collected. 

Upgraded CommandCenter

An upgraded CommandCenter features a Gen 4 interface and monitor with 4600 processor, CommandArm and multi-function control lever with greater ergonomic design and customizable buttons, premium activation with AutoTrac, RowSense and Harvest Doc, and an extended monitor and mobile device features. 

Upgraded Cab

The new cabs feature either leather or cloth seats that swivel 7.5 degrees left and 15 degrees right for improved visibility; enhanced seat ventilation for greater comfort; improved seat cushion with optional leather seat; and additional grain tank mirrors for improved visibility of the grain tank.

Source; John Deere