12 Tips to Get You Ready for Harvest -- Part One

posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 in Blog

Believe it or not, harvest is just around the corner! We know you're all anxious to get in the field, but before you go, we asked a few of our experts, "what would you do to be 'harvest ready'"? Here's what they had to say;

Dale Magenau, Integrated Solutions Specialist

Make sure your combine is calibrated accurately. This will ensure you capture the most accurate yield data possible. Also, make sure you've properly setup your documentation. If you're looking to learn more about combine calibration and basic AMS operations, register for one of our training classes.

Luke Aipperspach, Grand Forks Service Manager, former Service Technician

Run your machines! Take some time to look everything over before heading into the field. This could help you catch a small problem before it becomes a major headache. 

Lonnie Thompson, Kennedy Parts Manager

Check your cutting edges and cutting heads. Make sure your guards and knives are sharp. If you're running a 600 series header, replace any worn bushing sleeves (Part #: H157812). Worn or broken sleeves can cause slop that could take out a gear box or wreck knives. 

Kara Kujawa, Grand Forks Accounting Clerk

Register for MyTrueNorth! You'll be able to access your account and invoices whether your in your shop, your combine or at a football game.

Mike Krile, Grafton Service Manager, former Mobile Service Tech

Get your equipment inspected at the end of the season. You could save yourself from a major failure or even a fire. Also, do a thorough check for any header loss. Make sure everything on your machine is set correctly. There's still time to do a pre-season inspection! Contact your local service department to get one scheduled!

Rodney Pederson, Northwood Ag Sales

Get a head start and try to be ready for anything the season might throw at you. In-season rushing can cause you to overlook things, which could lead to potential safety hazards. 

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