New W110 Windrower (110 HP)

Windrower Traction Units
W110 Windrower (110 HP)

This new, lower-hp traction unit is the ideal choice for the hay grower looking for a reliable, lower-cost machine with outstanding cutting performance. 

Key Features
  • Roomy, quiet cab provides unparalleled visibility in all direction, fully computerized header monitoring functions, and a climate-controlled environment that reduces operator fatigue
  • Tier 3-compliant John Deere Cummins 4.5L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine delivers 110 hp (81kW) to match tough sickle and draper cutting conditions
  • Standard muffler on the exhaust system keeps engine noise level down at all ranges of engine speeds
  • Halogen lighting provides excellent visibility in nighttime or dusty conditions