2024 Insight and Innovation Summit



9am- Welcome

9:15am-12:05pm- Stations 1-7 (20 minutes per station)

12:10pm- X9 Maintenance

12:35pm- S7 Maintenance

1pm- Header Maintenance

1:20pm- Lunch

2pm- Wrap up and Networking time


True North Equipment IMPACT Center

5030 Demers Ave

Grand Forks, ND


1. Model Year 2025 X9 1100 with new Predictive Ground Speed and Harvest Settings Automation Technologies

2. Model Year 2025 C500T Air Cart featuring the all new AccuRate metering system and EZCal

3. 6 Series Tractor

4. 8RX

5. Model Year 2025 9RX 830 High Horsepower Tractor

6. 612R Sprayer equipped with a See&Spray Premium Precision Upgrade Kit

7. TruSet Tillage


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