Field Connect

Field Connect – Bringing Vital Field Data to Your Fingertips          

Probing for Answers.
Producers are always looking for new ways to help improve their management decisions. One new tool that can be added to your arsenal is the John Deere Field Connect. This is an innovative product that True North Equipment has been using to help farmers make more informed decisions while managing their crops.

What is the Field Connect? The Field Connect is a new creation offered by True North Equipment for environmental monitoring in fields that has the ability to measure an assortment of variables. The focal point of this system is its capability to accurately measure sub-surface moisture and how the water moves through the ground by utilizing five different sensors inside the probe. In addition to the soil moisture probe, there is an array of different environmental sensors that can be installed to measure rain and irrigation, soil and air temperature, dew and frost, relative humidity, solar radiation, and wind speed and direction.

Isolated Locations.
The designers of the Field Connect understand that not every field is in an ideal location with easily accessible approaches and a nearby cell phone tower. That is why they designed it with a dual-mode communication system that uses cell phone signal where it exists and satellite signal everywhere else to ensure data collection from any setting. The Field Connect unit is very low maintenance as well due to the solar power energy source and the online remote monitoring of the system.

Detailed Records.
By simply logging into you will be able to access all the powerful options that the John Deere online experience provides. Some of the features that are available on the Field Connect portion of the website include: automatic weather updates every two hours or instant updates on demand, budget lines set for soil moisture, graphs and charts displaying current or past weather data, temperature alerts, growing degree days, daily moisture change, location of your Field Connects, and has the potential for many future updates.

Key to Your Crops.
Having your local True North Equipment Integrated Solutions Consultant assist in installing your Field Connect will give you an in-depth view of what is going on in your fields. You can use the soil moisture probe to determine when to irrigate your crops, open and close flow control valves on tile, and calculate potential nutrient leaching. You can also use the environmental sensors to assess the probability of diseases, whether to spray, how much moisture your crop is losing via evapotranspiration, and what hour the first frost materializes. Knowing all these variables lead to critical decisions regarding anything from pesticide use to water consumption that could save you money. This knowledge can aid in improving yields like it did for Kip Culler when he used the Field Connect to help produce his world record soybean crop. Working with True North Equipment, the Field Connect, and farmers are able to get the most out of every acre of their crop and make certain they are in the business for years to come.